Rolling out your yoga mat is an opportunity to transform yourself.  To shake off what you don't need and to invite in what you do need.  Refining yourself moment by moment.  Letting go of stress and having time to re-connect with yourself.  Chelsea's classes are not restricted by one particular style of yoga as she is inspired by many things. Her experience as a teacher, yoga tutor and practitioner means that classes are taught intuitively depending on the group and other factors. The class unfolds with creative fluidity and awareness. 

Classes begin with awareness of breath and grounding scattered energy. Our mind becomes full of the breath and our thoughts begin to focus on our intention. You will be guided through a warm-up to free-up the joints and heat the body including bringing fire into the core. The body and mind are prepared with Pranayama (breath control techniques) and always core strengthening which are beneficial for supporting the spine.



Dynamic Vinyasa Flow Yoga: After warming up and strengthening the core, we flow through a series of postures and aim towards final static postures. Great for building strength, balance and coordination.

Yin Yoga: Floor based long held static postures with props to stimulate & challenge the body particularly connective tissue through long held poses (traction.) Not an easy class by any means. Great for improving flexibility and realigning poor posture. Mentally challenging as long-held postures require a great deal of mindfulness.


Practising Yoga regularly helps to knit all aspects of ourselves together, in body, mind and spirit. Yoga means 'to unite,' to be whole.

Through Yoga we learn to calm the mind and bring balance to emotions so that we are in a better position to look at life objectively.  We learn to respond rather than to react to the challenges of life  Our health & wellbeing is closely related to our connectedness with our community and environment. Attending weekly Yoga classes gives you the opportunity to become part of the 'Yoga Community' - being with lovely like-minded souls who generally have a positive outlook.



Yoga is non-competitive and gymnastic-style poses are not the goal of yoga - opening the heart is!  The aim of Chelsea's classes is not to make 'perfect' postures but to enjoy the journey and to experience the sacred pauses inbetween the breath.  It really doesn't matter how flexible you are and if you wobble in a balancing posture!!

Yoga can be practiced by anyone regardless of age, ability, gender or religion - everyone's welcome. Don't worry if you are a beginner to yoga, have back/hip/knee injuries or problems - just let Chelsea know before you start the class. You are always welcome to rest when you need to. Suitable variations will be offered to cater for most needs (however some medical conditions may require specialist 1:1 sessions if a general yoga class is not suitable.)

See Yoga Class Timetable page for details of when & where the classes are. If you have had a baby less than 6 months ago, then the Mum & Baby Yoga class is specialised to help with your needs of healing and recovery. 


What will help my practice?

  • Practise on an empty stomach (this does not apply to Pregnancy/Postnatal/ Children). Allow 3 hours for digestion after a full meal. Eating fruit an hour before is good.
  • Bring a bottle of water to sip if you become dehydrated.
  • Always tell Chelsea before class begins if you have any health issues.
  • Wear comfortable, loose clothing and have bare feet to give you more freedom and to stretch the muscles in your feet.
  • Have your own yoga 'sticky' mat and bring a blanket for relaxation at the end (I always carry a few spares).
  • Always listen to your body so that you don't overstretch (listen to your inner teacher)
  • If you feel any pain ease off! Uncomfortable feelings are fine.
  • Bring a positive attitude!